Imagery plays such a huge part in your social media activity.

Most people would rather view an image than read an update. Even better if your written update is supported by an image.

The great thing is we now have the power to easily take and upload images. And that power is usually in our pocket or our handbag! Did you know you’re rarely more than 10 metres away from your mobile?! And with the ease of use of smartphones in taking images and uploading them to social media, there’s not really an excuse to not be using imagery!

Instagram is currently one of the fastest growing social media platforms. And all updates require either an image or a 15 second video. You’ve got to be taking images or short video captures to use the platform! Its rise in success has been down to the desire to view the images of others.

So, start thinking about how you can add imagery to your social media updates.

Are you at an event and can take imagery there?

Can you show what’s going on behind closed doors in your office/factory/place of work?

Can you put a face to employee names?

Can you share interesting imagery of products or services in action?

So, time to get creative! Aim to post a couple of images a week to support your social media activity and grow it from there!