Hi, Rachel here again.

I’ve found a few articles on Blab, the new site that is being described as ‘Google Hangouts meets Periscope’. Coming from Bebo (that’s a blast from the past!) some say the forecast could be sunny for this service.

Mobile compatible and fully functioning on desktops, this platform allows you to ‘meet’ with up to 4 people. This is unlike Google Hangouts, which allows 10 participants (or 15 if using Google Apps for Business) into a Hangout. However, Blab thinks 4 is the ideal maximum number of people to have in this format. Arguably, it does fit well on a screen and avoids a crowded or overwhelming video chat.

Like Google Hangouts, you schedule a Blab and invite people to it. Once you have over two people it becomes viewable by the public. The dying community of Google + or its haters now have this option, along with Periscope and Meercat, to choose to host live video streaming.


You can read the full article here