Hello, Rachel here!

We’re always on the prowl to see what the most dominant social media platforms are doing to improve and ‘one up’ their competitors. Facebook hasn’t disappointed this week, revealing on Tuesday that it has really been putting in the hours to improve its business pages, pushing platforms like Yelp off the scene.

Competing with Twitter to become the go to social platform for businesses, Facebook unearthed it’s intention to connect its users to businesses as well as people. They’ve announced new page formats that can be customised to show the most important information to your customers.

Pushing their messenger feature, they’re encouraging use of this for businesses to connect to customers. They can now offer a Call to Action – with options of how to contact the business.

The introduction comes as a result of Facebook wanting to provide their customers with more on their mobile and tablet devices. In their post ‘Updated for Mobile, Better for Business’ they note; “They expect information to be available at their fingertips and that people and businesses will reply to their messages as soon as possible. These trends have far-reaching conclusions for businesses, the biggest of which is that it’s never been more important to make your business easily accessible on mobile.”

They’ve added several features to aid businesses build more of a mobile presence and improve communication with customers. Their call to action is now right at the top with ‘Contact Us’ being more prominent, positioned under the cover photo. Not only are they making it easier for businesses to be contacted, they’re making your page easier to navigate, with added sections covering your services and shop. The shop section will allow users to buy direct, powered by Facebook’s partnership with Shopify.

We all know that great customer service requires great communication. Facebook are also introducing response rates badges, to show customers how fast businesses respond to messages, it’s also introduced saved responses to improve response times with personalised messages.

There are 45 million active business pages on Facebook and their new features launch in the next few weeks, do you use the platform to it’s full potential? You can read more about the changes here.