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Last week I told you that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than those left to their own devices. If you needed another reason to start tending to the relationships with your customers, read on…

Social media can be great for sales. However, it’s not going to work every time. Think about it; how many times have you scrolled past a marketing campaign on your newsfeed, or an Ad in a LinkedIn Group? What social media can always do for your business is help you build and maintain your relationships with your customers and leads. Being reliable, friendly, and efficient in all the areas of your business (including online activity) means your customers will keep coming back.

Social media means that the interactions between customer and business are about valuable information. We’re constantly asking for referrals, feedback and publicity from our customers. It’s time to give something back! Make sure that the content you post is relevant, useful, and engaging. There’s room for fun here too, so think outside the box. It’s important to think about how the messages you put out will be received. Twitter has a text limit for a reason! Craft each post to its platform and see better engagement. Remember it’s about quality and value, not quantity!

Once you’ve built the relationship, it’s your job to maintain it. Consider listening to what your customers are saying on social media and engage with their posts when relevant. Make it clear that your social media presence isn’t a façade. Don’t let your carefully crafted CRM become Customer Relationship Mechanisation – be a person!

Struggling to think of what to say? Remember that social media isn’t just for business! Let your customers know what you’re up to, new achievements in your life, your thoughts and opinions. Keep it light, but be you and don’t shy away from showing passion about something that you care about. Besides from making you look well rounded and real, it’s crucial that your customers can relate to you on a level beyond business deals.

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