Hi, Emily here again!
The festive season is a good one to take stock and evaluate how far you’ve come and what you must do to achieve your next goal.  It’s also a good time to get excited about what’s next! Maybe you’ve been working on building the relationships with your prospects in order to bring them towards you and convert them into customers and sales.

First of all, good job! It’s probably one of the most time consuming parts of having a social media presence, but it’s all standing you in good stead. I thought I’d chat about an efficient way of gaining followers and growing the exposure of your brand/product/service!

This is influencer marketing. Here you are building a symbiotic relationship with people who have the power to pull in followers – and attention – through their social media platforms. This could be in exchange for free products/services, some form of sponsorship deal between you, or simply exposure to your own audience. Influencer marketing is also a cost-effective way of building your brand’s audience. What’s more is that a lot of the same ideas about building relationships with customers can be carried over when it comes to approaching someone to help you market your brand. For example;

  1. Engaging with their content and posts online to build a relationship
  2. Shows appreciation for what they do
  3. Helps them to get familiar with your brand, making it more likely that they will respond to a request for a business relationship.

According to an article by Sprout Social these are the sorts of people you might want to look out for if you are thinking of using some influencer marketing in your campaigns:

  • Social Media Experts
  • Celebs!
  • Bloggers
  • YouTube users with popular channels

Finding an influencer who fits your brand is really important! The four key things to look out for in a potential influencer are authenticity, an active presence, leadership and engagement. Do they genuinely believe in your brand? Are they down with the message that you’re trying to share? Do they start conversations with their audience and engage with their content? Do their posts and content often end up trending?

These are the sort of questions you should be asking once you’ve decided that influencer marketing is something you could benefit from. Having an influential figure sharing and engaging with your content can gain your brand credibility and help you reach wider audiences in a more organic way.

Now go get ‘em!