Christmas is next week! How did this happen? I hope you are all more organised with your gift shopping than I am – let’s just say I am very grateful for Amazon Prime right now..!

December is a super busy time for small businesses. But you need a break too! I’ve come up with a checklist to make sure that your social media accounts run smoothly and remain active over the holiday while you enjoy your time off…

Schedule ahead. You’ve got so much to think about this month! Don’t let your social media get left by the wayside. Spend a few hours scheduling posts across your social media accounts – whether its Christmas opening times, new deals, let your customers know that you’re still going!

If you can’t let go completely, allow notifications from your scheduling platform for example Hootsuite. Nicole Nelson does this and we think it’s a really good idea if you, like us, are a bit of a control freak! The knowledge that things are continuing to whir along can be just the thing to put your mind at rest so you can enjoy your holiday.

Let your customers know where you are – if you are taking time away from the business over Christmas, let them know! People will understand that you may be taking a few days to enjoy time with your family or get some well-deserved rest.

Post about what you’re doing over the holidays – Christmas is a perfect opportunity to show your customers that you’re a human being! Get into the spirit of things; post pictures of your staff’s Christmas jumpers, funny Christmas desk decorations…

Update your cover photo – there are loads of templates and fun festive overlays to use online for free if you’re not a techy web designer. We like Cover Junction. 

Schedule a Christmas message! You never know who’s going to be browsing social media on the Big day.

Christmas 2015 Social Media Checklist:

  • Schedule regular posts up until the New Year

  • Set up notifications to keep aware of what’s happening on your accounts

  • Consider hiring someone to babysit your accounts for you especially if you are going away for Christmas

  • Give your cover photos a festive update

  • Post about your holiday antics!

  • Do send a live update at some point over the break. Don’t let your customers forget about you!

Now you’re armed and ready to enjoy your holiday with the knowledge that your businesses social media presence is ticking over nicely. Come 2016 you’ll thank yourself for being so organised when your customers don’t notice you’ve been gone!

Checked everything off? Have a mince pie and a sit down…

Maybe even have a brandy or two. You deserve it!!