Hi, Emily here!

Buffer, the social media scheduling platform, announced on the 17th December that they have acquired the customer service tool Respondly.  I think this is an early sign for 2016 becoming the “year of the customer” on social media, which is something I’ve noticed people talking about this December!

More and more businesses are seeing how useful social media can be to gain customer feedback and build positive service relationships with their clients. The addition of Respondly as a stand alone tool might make Buffer a more complete marketing and business organising experience.

One of the interesting features allows you to collaborate with team members in private tweets – so each person knows exactly what to do before a tweet goes live. You can assign tweets to team members as well. Human error is always a worry, but when you have a team working on one account, having extra tools to ensure everything is perfect means you can avoid those embarrassing gaffs that make lists such as this one: The Top 10 Media Misfires of 2015…! 

The next feature which I like the idea of is retaining full tweet threads. When there are multiple people looking after one Twitter account, it’s often difficult to avoid that panicked scrolling when a team member has been speaking to someone but you can’t remember how the conversation started. This feature means you never lose context when chatting to your customers, no matter how many people you share the account with.

Detailed report functions are a common feature of most social media management tools these days and are pretty crucial if you want an idea of what your posts are doing. Respondly boasts “support focused” reports, which include details of response times and activity reports. I feel like this is probably quite similar to a lot of report features already out there, but what is new is the focus on supporting your customers after all of your awesome marketing endeavours…! Other non Twitter specific features include brand monitoring tools, so you can keep aware of brand mentions, and get even better at listening to your customers and their connections.

Have you been thinking about how to make 2016 the year you WOW your customers? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Wishing you all a fantastic festive period, whatever you’re doing I hope you’re surrounded by loved ones and lovely food!!