A big hello from me, after being absent from this blog for quite a while now! Emily has done an
amazing job, while I’ve been on maternity leave, at giving you some fabulous content. So much so that, while I’ll be writing some blogs myself, Emily will also be creating some more blogs for me too!
Now I’m back in action after several months off that have revolved more around cuddles, feeding and not sleeping, than social media, I decided I wanted to shake things up a little in 2016.

I’m a huge YouTube fan. It’s my go-to for education, for humour, for chilling out, for beauty, for parenting advice, for work, and so much more. I LOVE watching videos. I love reading too, and will never stop reading (or writing blogs). But some things make so much more sense when spoken than written down. And so, 2016 is the year of vlogging for me!

For those not yet in the know, vlogging is the video version of blogging. It’s the same kind of idea. Educate, inform, provide case studies and tell people what’s going on, but in video rather than written format.
Each week this year (hopefully, forgive me if I miss the odd week!), I’m going to be putting a vlog on YouTube. Some of them will be me talking to camera about a topic, some will be screengrabs so you can see things in action, others will be me on the road, speaking at events, or a showcase of my workshops. I may even try and include a few interviews along the way with businesses who are rocking social media.

I won’t share all of them on this blog, though I may do a roundup at the end of each month with the videos from that month in case you missed them. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you know when a vlog has gone live.

And here is my very first vlog!!!