It’s our favourite photo sharing application and it’s also the World’s most popular, Instagram isn’t going anywhere. With frequent updates that really reflect what their customers’ want, it’s not surprising that the estimated monthly visitor count is over 100 Million.

They’ve recently expanded their already plentiful array of features and are taking these for a spin, social-media-419944_640so not every user will be able to benefit from these tweaks immediately. Earlier in the month the company posted in their blog that Account Switching is now available on Instagram, which is perfect if your company has several branches for example or if you are responsible for several company’s social media accounts. All you have to do is go into the settings and add an additional account!

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to keep track of who you’re posting as, your profile picture and username will be displayed in several places (so definitely worth making sure each account you add has a distinguishable image associated with it to avoid any posting mishaps!) No more logging in and out!

Why are multiple accounts good for business? Well we’ve had a think and realised you could create an exclusivity on a separate account to your main company page by creating a gallery just for clients, setting it as private or showing the behind the scenes of your average day in the office. Helpful for very targeted marketing, just ensure it’s relevant to the audience.

Another feature that has been introduced recently is really helpful for super quick, on the go ‘analytics’. Just as Facebook have introduced a video view count, Instagram has followed suit, showing you how many times your video has been watched, registering a view each time the video has been watched for 3 seconds or more. Great for seeing what’s working in your posts and what’s not, I also find that people seek out videos on Instagram, if they watch one they’re likely to find another.

We can’t see who has viewed the video but this is a really useful tool to show how your community and following are interacting and engaging with you and your business. Instagram note that the popularity of watching videos on the platform has increased by 40% since introducing the 15 second video feature 2 years ago, along with Hyperlapse and Boomerang.

If you don’t already use Instagram to it’s full potential then it might be time to get cinematic and have a play around with their additional features. Just be sure to keep the balance! Sam’s vlogs are a perfect example of how introducing something new to the mix can create a buzz and get your customers talking!