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This week I will be the bearer of good news, something we aren’t bared with often enough in my opinion. Sam is really treating you at the moment, in case you missed it, a few weeks ago Sam posted her first vlog!

If you’re one of the regulars then you’ll know that there’s a blog posted weekly and that recently Sam has also started posting vlogs to her YouTube Channel. We’re changing up the schedule a little and wanted to keep you in the loop so you don’t miss out on any pearls of social media wisdom.

You can take a peek below at the vlogs that Sam has uploaded before and from now on they’ll be hosted right here on Samflynn.co.uk for your viewing convenience! So why vlogging and why now? Well, we tell you each week about something new and exciting in the world of social media and how you should be using it to get your business booming and the same goes for this business. You need to keep an eye on the trends and see how they could benefit your business and what better way to add some brandonality than really get in front of you?

We saw the rise of the blog some sixteen years ago, back in the day when we were all afraid of the Millennium bug but the blog was ever popular, going ‘mainstream’ in 2008. 41% of us Brits delved into the world of the blog during that year and continued to be popular until YouTube came on the scene. The amount of people posting online videos doubled between 2009 and 2013. So really we couldn’t ignore something that so many people enjoy, vlogging has certainly taken off, with platforms such as Vine, Video for Facebook, Instagram Video and YouTube all helping watching videos become a normal part of your day.

Here are the vlogs so far, don’t forget to check the site for them every Friday!

First Social Media Vlog from Sam Flynn

Content Strategy for Social Media

LinkedIn Advanced Search

Vlogging is a stage to share with you what you actually want to hear, rather than what we want to bombard you with. It’s our way of changing things up and giving you a snippet of social media wisdom that you can watch on your commute, your lunch break or in a content strategy meeting for some quick inspiration and insight into how you could achieve social media success.

So we hope you like what you’ve seen! There will be a new vlog posted on a Friday as well as a blog every Tuesday for you, don’t say we never give you anything!