Hi there, Emily here again!

Last week I worked on a Facebook account for a friend and I was shocked at how many opportunities for a seamless Calls to Action they weren’t using. One way to easily rectify this was just popping a link to their site using Facebook’s Call to Action Button. Nothing new or ground-breaking there, but they were really shocked at the results.

This experience made me wonder… what other opportunities for engaging followers are people missing out on, simply because they think it’s going to be too complicated??

It’s not just a question for business owners or project managers. We’re creatures of habit, and in today’s 24/7 culture, we want things to flow with how we use technology. The two areas which are focussed on the most by businesses are email marketing and social media. It seems that the ways in which we operate our strategies in these areas are aiming towards the same thing – quick, easy sign ups, high converting optins, and social, sharable material.

My point is, businesses just can’t ignore the need for seamless processes in these two areas. But it seems that at the junction where social media and email marketing meet, things get a little…sticky.

I would argue that the more steps between your CTA and its goal, the less likely you are to see any results.

It’s also really important to think about WHERE your CTAs are taking place, and how this affects their usage.

For searching and social media, it’s always from my phone. Therefore, the kinds of CTAs that businesses or groups are putting out there will come to my attention when I’m away from my PC. I might be out and about and see a juicy mailing list I just HAVE to sign up to.

It’s doesn’t matter how good it is, I will give up if the process is more than one step. Oh, and if you redirect me to another page? Well now I’m just angry.

I know that if I’m on my PC and I receive a CTA to optin to an interesting mailing list, I’m more likely to sign up even if the process is more than one step long. I will still grumble though.

And then I saw Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards, and thought, wow. I’ve completely been missing out on the chance to build on existing lists with minimal set up. Most importantly, it’s just ONE, SEAMLESS STEP for my followers WITHOUT THEM HAVING TO LEAVE TWITTER.

This article lays out the step by step process simply enough – TLDR Version: Lead Generation Cards work through Twitter ads and create a one click optin button which is added on to your tweets.

Voila! Brittany says it took her about 15 minutes to set up using Mailchimp, and 30 minutes using Active Campaign, proving that combining the two most powerful aspects of your marketing process sounds scary – but it doesn’t have to be.