1. Read more books2. Get a new hobby3. Try rock climbing4. Be more creative (13)With more businesses taking to Facebook to connect and engage with their audience it was about time that Facebook shook things up when it came to private messaging! That’s why the techies at Facebook have been really busy creating the new Facebook Messenger for Pages and they’ll be rolling the goodies out over the next couple of weeks!
One of the new features will give you the ability to connect with people using your phone camera and your very own unique code. You’ll also get a Twitter-like username so you can find and connect with people much easier on the new platform. To use this you need to have set up your vanity URL (eg www.facebook.com/samflynnsocialmedia/). Now people will be able to find you on both Facebook and Facebook Messenger just by using your new Facebook handle (eg @samflynnsocialmedia) handle.

12481743_220453861675538_1119022713_nThought: Have your unique bar code added to your business cards and other content so people can connect with you really easily

Another awesome feature will allow you to set an auto-responder. This can be used to automatically respond to incoming messages. You could use this to let people know how long until you will be with them, if you’re closed or even if there’s a better way to contact you. This is complimented by Messenger Greetings, a small bit of customisable text that will let you set the tone and let users know what kind of messages you expect through Facebook.

12057255_993514144051606_782868524_nSo in all this is a huge update for messaging for businesses. What are your thoughts on the new messaging platform and what ideas do you have for making it easier for people to connect to your business?