Last week, I posted a Beginner’s Guide to Snapchat.  If you’re not yet on there, you can head over to that post to get started!

Snapchat offers a really unique opportunity for businesses.  The user base is growing quite dramatically.  And the offering is different to a lot of the other platforms.  To start with, you can only take snaps from within the app, so we’re all working with the same smartphone technology.  You can get special lenses to add to your camera, or use third party apps to upload images.  But mainly, it all takes place within the app.  That means, businesses are working at the same level as consumers.  As such, it is much easier to build a relationship with a brand on Snapchat.

It also offers a real authenticity to a business.  And it allows for creativity.  So, how can you use Snapchat in your business?

10 Ways to Make Snapchat Work For Your Business

  1. Build the story of your day

Sometimes, as customers, it’s hard to understand what goes on behind the products and services we buy.  Snapchat stories give you the chance to showcase this.  The fashion website, ASOS do this really well.  They take their Snapchat audience through the design process, right through to shooting new collections.  You can also do this in creative ways, using the stickers and text, plus video filters, speeding up, slowing down, or reversing your video.  And there’s one thing that all marketers know, and that’s that stories sell!!


2. Sneak peeks

Got something exciting coming up?  Build the suspense with Snapchat!!  Your customers will already be excited to buy before you’ve even launched.  Give them clues to what it might be, show sneak peeks of products, build up to a launch date, and sell much quicker to an engaged audience!


3. Share your knowledge

Snapchat allows you to post 10 second videos.  You can build up tips through these videos.  You could do a list (e.g. ‘I’m going to be sharing 5 ways businesses can use Snapchat over the next few snaps’).  Then share those tips, one per video.  Or just do a quick ten second tip.  As with all platforms, think about how you can help the audience, rather than it just being about you!


4. Open up conversation

One of the things I really like about Snapchat is the private engagement.  People aren’t engaging just to be seen.  You could open up your chat to the public (I would only do this briefly if you don’t want to be bombarded with ‘suggestive pictures’!).  These chats will only be seen by you, but gives your audience a chance to ask questions.  You could run a 10 minute Q&A for example, and maybe add some of the responses to your story.


5. Be real

Snapchat is a very authentic platform.  It gives users a real behind the scenes look.  So, being real as a business makes it much easier to have success on there.  I talk a lot about ‘brandonality’ (the personality of your brand), and Snapchat is a platform where this is essential.  Get clear on your brandonality and then use it in your snaps!


6. Snapchat only offers

You can reward your loyal Snapchat audience by offering them something that isn’t available elsewhere.  Make a big deal of the fact they can’t get the offer anywhere else.  Be clear on the process of claiming the offer.  And make it deadlined!  This is also a great way to gain a little more insight in to how likely your audience on Snapchat are to buy from you.  And to convert them in to customers.


7. Customer take over

You could hand over your Snapchat account to one of your customers for the day.  Be clear on what you want them to snap about, and of course it should be related to them using your product or service.  Be sure you’re confident with the person taking over your account, and offer them something in return for their efforts.


8. Bring your audience to live events

If you hold events, you should DEFINITELY be using Snapchat!  This is your opportunity to expand your live event to an online audience.  Snap your way through the event, and build anticipation for future events.


9. Share your snapcode

Don’t be shy in telling people you’re on Snapchat.  You need to make sure they can find you.  Add your snapcode to the side bar of your website.  Put an image of it up if you have premises that customers come to.  Add it to email signatures.  If you deliver products, add a snapcode image in with the delivery.  And keep your username consistent with your business to make you easy to find.


10. Have fun

I think the big opportunity that Snapchat offers to businesses, is the ability to have a bit of fun.  And when you relax and enjoy Snapchat, your audience will enjoy your snaps.  You are going to build a whole new level of engagement with them, by being on the same level as them.  Get creative with your snaps, think about the day ahead and how you can build your snap story around it.  Download your snap story and share on other platforms, to showcase your Snapchat account.  And enjoy!!!

If you have any Snapchat related questions, just give me a shout!  Make sure you add me too!  My snapcode is below, and I’m samflynn25 on there!

My snapcode

My snapcode