Facebook offers such a great opportunity for marketers.  But there is a big BUT!!!  BUT, most businesses suffer to get a satisfactory level of organic reach.  So, how can you increase your Facebook reach?

Reach is how many people are seeing your Facebook page posts.  You can see the reach of each individual post underneath that post on your page.  Alternatively, you can find out the reach of your posts, and compare it to your other posts, in your page analytics.  Of course, you want to reach as many people as you possibly can with your Facebook posts.  Otherwise, what would be the point of creating them!

7 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Organic Reach

1. Check your analytics

Keep an eye on the analytics of your posts.  Do a brief review at the end of each week.  Which posts generated the highest reach?  Make sure you replicate this type of post going forward.  Was there an image?  A link?  A video?  Did the post generate lots of engagement (likes, comments, shares)?  What posts achieved a very low reach?  How can you avoid these types of post going forward?

2. Encourage engagement

The more engaged someone is with your page, the more likely they are to see your posts.  Facebook will only show content to a user if they think that user is going to be interested in the content.  The more they engage with your posts, the more likely they are to see future posts.  Ask a question to encourage comments.  Or ask them to complete a sentence/fill in the blank.  Or simply ask them to click ‘like’ if they agree with your post.  Do something that prompts the user to respond to your content.

3. Create timely content

Being on the ball with things going on in your industry will make a big difference.  If you can generate content that is very timely, it is more likely to be shared.  Users sharing your content can dramatically increase reach, encourage page likes, and engage new users.

4. Use video

Facebook is currently showing a lot of preference to video content.  Videos are getting far higher reach than any other form of content.  Share YouTube videos.  They don’t have to be your own, just ones that will be of interest to your audience.  Even better if the video content is your own though!

5. Go live!

And yet even more preference is given to live video!  Facebook live offers huge opportunities to businesses to show their authenticity, to engage their audience in a different way, to take their audience behind-the-scenes, and to dramatically increase reach!  Most businesses won’t be prepared to go live, so do what others won’t!!

6. Run competitions

Facebook allows you to run competitions that reward comments and likes of posts.  Ask a question and do a prize draw of all answers.  This will give your engagement a boost, which will not only help the reach of the competition post, but of future posts too!

7. Give your audience what they want

Deliver content that appeals to your target audience.  They are far more likely to engage or to click links if it is something that appeals to them.  Get clear on who your target audience is on Facebook, then brainstorm what that audience would be interested in seeing on Facebook.  The closer you can get to what they want, the better engagement (and as a result reach) will be.

What else has helped you to achieve great reach on Facebook?