If there’s anything new in social media that I think you should be trying, it’s Facebook Live!

You can stream live through the Facebook app on mobile or tablet, on your personal profile, your business page, a group you are a member of or an event page.  You choose to ‘go live’ and your live stream will appear on the Facebook feed of those you are friends with, those who like your page, those within your group, or those who have responded to your event, depending on where you live stream from.

fb live


The thing about Facebook Live is it is authentic and real.  There’s no editing or professional video equipment used.  The majority of businesses won’t go live, because it’s scary, it could go wrong, or because they don’t have the confidence to be live.  Social media is very much about doing what other businesses won’t in order to stand out.  Which means adopting Facebook Live will really help you to stand out on Facebook.  And Facebook are giving high volume of reach to live events, and the recording after (which is still available on feeds and on your timeline).  It’s definitely worth doing!

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So, how can businesses use Facebook Live?  Here’s three ideas for you!

  1. Share Knowledge

Promote a live broadcast ahead of it happening.  Email your list.  Promote through all social media.  And tell them what you will be talking about in your live broadcast.  Then share that knowledge.  Keep it relatively brief.  How long will people be willing to watch that video for?  It depends on the knowledge shared and how high value it is to them.  But I would suggest that between 3 and 10 minutes is optimum.  You could also run a series, point 1 the first day, point 2 the second, and so on for however many points you wish to share.

2. Interview An Expert

Facebook Live is interactive and live viewers can post comments during the live stream.  You could encourage your audience to ask questions of an expert, either someone within your business or an external expert.  Plan your own questions and interview them, so that you are not in silence while waiting for questions to come in.  Again, you can promote the broadcast ahead of it taking place.  And you could ask for questions ahead of the session via all social media platforms, and emails to your list.

3. Go Behind The Scenes

Take your audience behind the scenes at your business.  You could use it to build excitement for a new product or service that you are working on, and is set for release in the near future.  Or to introduce your employees.  Or to give them a taste of what it’s like to work there, the environment, the people.  Or to work through the process of your service delivery.  It’s a great opportunity to build a relationship between your audience and your company, taking them live behind the scenes.

What live broadcasts have you been engaged by?  Are you thinking of giving live broadcasts a go?