Twitter lists are a great way of organising the users who’s content you are interested in on Twitter.

I’ll do another post soon about how you might use your own lists.  But there are an awful lot of public lists out there that you could subscribe to, without having to pull the list together.

For example, if I wanted to see what businesses in Manchester are saying on Twitter, I could pull together a list of all Manchester businesses on Twitter.  Or I could see if someone has already created one!

Twitter List Search Google Hack

You can’t search for lists on Twitter.  But you can search for lists on Twitter via Google!  To do, just put the following in Google search: inurl:lists <your search term>

You simply need to put your search term within the brackets.  For example, I might search: inurl:lists <manchester businesses>

You can then subscribe to that list, and follow members of the list!