The sun is out.  Does this mean that summer is back!?  I was sure we were on the countdown to Autumn last week!

So, do you have a summer campaign ready to go?  Do you adjust your imagery to be summer ready?

Your Summer Campaign

Even if your business isn’t necessarily seasonal, it’s worth paying attention to things like changes in weather.  For example, Starbucks change the cover image on their Facebook page regularly to reflect the weather.  Today, it’s all about the iced coffee:


Is there opportunity for you to use the sunny weather in your social media activity?

Here’s a few ideas:

  • run a flash competition encouraging users to share a selfie of themselves enjoying the sun!
  • get some branded hand-held fans and give them away on social media!
  • share tips for staying cool in the sun!
  • share funny summer related images – like BBQs gone wrong!
  • share videos of your employees enjoying ice creams!
  • go live on Facebook from outside in the sunshine!

There’s lots of ways that you can incorporate the seasons into your social media campaigns.  The sun always puts people in a good mood, so go with that good mood, and use it to your benefit.

But hurry up, we’ll probably all have the heating on again next week!!!!