It’s easy to get stuck in a social media rut.  I do it myself.  And mostly, sticking to a regular strategy works.  But sometimes, it’s good to shake things up.  To do things a bit different!  So, today I’m going to give you three social media tasks that will mix things up a bit!!

3 Things To Do On Social Media Today! (1)


  1. Post A Selfie

Ooo eck, that ain’t very professional!!!  Sometimes it’s good to break out of the norm.  And SHOW YOUR FACE!!  There are a lot of faceless social media accounts, hiding behind logos and corporate updates.  Say hello to your followers with a selfie.   And imagery is so important on social media.  What better image to post than introducing the person behind the account!

2. Talk To Someone New

We also tend to reply to the same people on social media.  To retweet the same accounts.  Well, today, I want you to find someone you’ve never spoken to before and respond to them!  Whether that’s replying to a Facebook page post, a Twitter update, or a LinkedIn update, just go do it!!  You never know what will come from sparking off a business relationship with someone new!

3. Run A Competition

There are lots of small businesses that think competitions are for the big players.  The ones with thousands upon thousands of followers.  They don’t have to be.  And the prize doesn’t have to be expensive either.  Have a bit of fun with your followers.  Ask them a question and tell them you’ll give a £10 Amazon voucher to the best answer.  Or get them to take an action, such as posting a funny picture, and that all entrants will go in to a draw for a prize.  Social media should be fun, and competitions are a great way to encourage a bit of fun while getting some spread too!


So, there are you three actions for today!  I may do these type of posts more often, with a few actions in for you to try out.  But, they’ll only work if you do them.  So, 3, 2, 1…GO!!!!