When I started my first business, nearly 7 years ago now, I was a bit business book obsessed!  I would read biographies of successful entrepreneurs, guide books for different forms of marketing, books for inspiration, books to help show me the way, and books that I thought would give me the business I wanted.

Then I had kids.

My days were suddenly filled beyond just work, and my evenings were spent either doing stuff around the house, or just breathing a sigh of relief!!!  It’s crazy how quickly habits can be lost (my exercise regime will attest to that!!).

I had lunch with a business associate (and friend) today, and she recommend a couple of business books to me.  My honest first thought was that I wouldn’t have time to read them.  Then I realised what an important part reading business books has played in my business.  After three years of doing very little business reading, it’s time to start again!  I have a shelf of books to revisit, but first I’m starting with her main recommendation – Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley.  I’ve downloaded the audio book as well as the Kindle edition.

I wouldn’t say I’ve stopped learning.  I read a lot of blog posts that are relevant to me in helping my business grow, and occasionally attend training courses too.  But I’ve stopped what used to be a daily habit, and one that really helped me to grow my business from it’s starting point.  And I’m actually buzzing with excitement to get reading again!

So, I thought I’d share that with you, to get you thinking of the habits that you might have broken.  And to maybe inspire you to pick up a business book if you haven’t before, or get reading them again if, like me, you let the habit slip.  Learning in business is absolutely vital.  Learning in life is vital too.  And books offer a great way to help us do that.

I’d love to hear your business book recommendations!  Fire me a tweet @_samflynn with the business books you love to read!

Business Books and Getting Back In The Habit