I’m planning on doing things a little differently in 2017 in the way I deliver training and run my business.  That will all become more clear over the coming months.

But it means I need to start working backwards.  I can’t achieve what I want to in January without doing the leg work now.  And much of that leg work will take place on social media.  It’s far too easy to be reactive and ad hoc on social media.  To work week-by-week on content.  To come up with a business idea then quickly play it out on social media.

Working Backwards on Social Media

But often it’s much better to be planned and organised and know what you need to start doing now to achieve what you need to in the future.  I’ve started by looking at who I want to be targeting as customers in the new year.  Of course, I need to start finding those people on social media now.  Connecting with them.  Engaging with them.  Building the relationship.  Then when I’m ready to go out with my new ideas in January, there’ll be the right receptive audience.  I’ll have worked backwards to move forwards.

It also means I’ll have to commit more time to platforms that I’ve barely scratched the surface of for business, as they’ve not typically been where I’ve generated business previously.  Now they will be platforms that I need to build my following and show my expertise.  Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.  It means I’ll be committing more to weekly videos and building my personal reputation.  It means I’ll be doing more Facebook Live broadcasts.  It means I’ll be creating new lead captures for my website, and possibly focusing my blogs in a slightly different direction.  It means I’ll have to start highlighting the businesses I want to work with, and finding out who the people are within that business that I need to speak to.

I talked in last week’s video about planning for 2017, and why it is important for me to do that now.  There is so much work to be done now to make 2017 the best year in my business EVER!  And all of the work needs to take place before 2017 begins.  So it begins NOW!

Are you ready to make 2017 your best year ever?


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