I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my offering.  You may have picked up on that from my last few posts!  But one thing I really want to get clear to businesses when they are thinking about whether they need more services or not, is to what social media training can actually entail.

I’m not a ‘techy’ person.  I pick up on tech stuff pretty quickly with the help of my friends Google and YouTube.  But it’s not something that is a passion or, really, even an interest.  And so, naturally, my training isn’t technology focused.  Sure, there’s the odd bit of tech thrown in.  But not much.  My approach is much more psychological, because that is where my background lies (I have an MSc in Organisational Psychology).

Often I find companies think they don’t need social media training, as they know how to use the platforms.  But I’m not going to show you how to use the platforms.  The reality is Google, or even the platforms themselves, will quickly answer your questions on where to click and where to find certain options.

Why your company needs social media training

Instead, I focus on the ‘how are we going to make this work for our company?’ question.  What content would work best for our target audience?  Who is our target audience, and where can we find them?  How are we going to stand out from all the other businesses on social media?  How are we going to engage our audience and make them want to talk about us?  How are we going to generate leads through social media?  How are we going to sell to new customers?  How are we going to encourage previous customers back to our business using social media?  And many many more questions that can be answered with the help of training.

I don’t want this to be a salesy blog, as I believe blogs should be more focused on educating and knowledge sharing.  So, my aim in this post is to open up your thinking.  To consider how social media training could be of huge benefit to your activity.  To see beyond it being just about the technology.  And to question whether you are doing everything you could be doing on social media to make it work for you.  And to explore your training options, whether that’s with me or another social media trainer.

Though obviously you know where to look first right?!