I don’t know if it’s just me, but do you ever feel like things have got a bit boring on social media?  Everyone’s saying the same kind of things, taking the exact same approach, telling us constantly about their business, and really just lacking any kind of personality.

It's All Got A Bit Boring

The thing is, if you get a bit bored by social media, then it’s likely your audience is too.  That offers a really great opportunity for you to STAND OUT by being different!  Bu breaking the boredom mould.  Oh, but that’s not very professional is it?  I think one of the big issues with social media is how ‘professional’ businesses think they need to be.  Professionalism isn’t really going to attract anyone to want to follow you on social media, let alone buy from you as a result of your social media activity.

What I’m not saying here is to be unprofessional.  Of course, you still have your reputation to uphold.  I get that.  What I cam saying is, think a little differently.  Do things in ways you haven’t before.  Share more images of you and your staff.  Share videos!  Videos stand out an awful lot and they get lots of views too!  Share knowledge.  Share funnies.  And look at what all your competitors are doing on social media and have a really good think about how you could be completely different.

The more we bore people, the more they switch off.  The more we entertain them, the easier it is to build the relationship!  So, let’s challenge ourselves to be less boring on social media, and to have more fun with it too!!