Of course, social media is for life, not just for Christmas, or Halloween, or Valentine’s Day, or…well, you get the gist!  But the different ‘seasons’ or ‘holidays’ or whatever you want to call them, do offer a good opportunity for a bit of fun and fresh content on social media.

Seasonal Social Media

Content is one of the biggest issues businesses face when it comes to social media.  How are we going to create engaging content multiple times a day?  Yet often businesses overlook that the world is providing them with content opportunities that they are not grasping.

As I write this, it’s Halloween.  A great opportunity for brands to have a play with their content.  To be ‘scary’!  I liked this post from Innocent on Facebook (you can see their Facebook page here!).

And, I always love Starbucks approach to changing their Facebook header image to reflect the seasons.  This feels very autumnal and definitely makes me fancy a comforting warm drink!

So, how can you make the most of the seasons, even if your business isn’t seasonal?

  1. Change your imagery

Change your imagery in your social media profiles to reflect the season or holiday.  Get shots taken for each main time of the year.  Have designs put together.  Or do it yourself using tools like Canva.

2. Create a content schedule

Plan in advance for the seasons by putting together an annual content schedule.  Highlight the main seasonal times and then think about the content you could put together for that season/holiday.

3. Be creative

It doesn’t matter that your business is unaffected by Christmas, or that you don’t make more sales at Valentines.  Be creative in how you could tie your business offering in.  Share images of your staff dressed up.  Or share a holiday related offer!

4. Have fun

Social media does have a habit of being a dull place to be when it comes to business use.  It can be hard to be ‘fun’ all the time.  So, holidays are your opportunity to have a bit of fun.  To let your corporate hair down.  And to get involved in the same fun that everyone else is having!

So, make a plan for future holidays.  Christmas is rapidly approaching.  How are you going to capitalise on it on social media?  Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!