That has got to be the strangest blog title ever hasn’t it?!  Let me explain…

I’m a big YouTube fan and follow business, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and all sorts of other channels on there.  I would say I definitely spend more time watching YouTube than I do watching TV.  And one thing that came to my attention on YouTube last December was ‘vlogmas’.  Vlogmas is where YouTubers post a video a day from 1st December up to Christmas Day.  Kind of like a video advent calendar.  I really enjoyed several YouTuber’s vlogmas content last year, but didn’t really see any business people getting involved.

So, I started to think that I might do vlogmas this year.  Then I thought harder about what was involved.  Not only creating video content but also editing, uploading and promoting it.  It’s a good bit of work!  Usually I’d be well up for that, but I’m currently writing my book and aim to have the content complete by Christmas, so I do think I’d really struggle to find the time, or that my book writing would suffer.

Then it struck me what I could do that would be very similar but no where near as much work – LIVEMAS!!!!  Instead of creating and editing video content every day in December up to Christmas Day, I will be going live on my Facebook page instead.  I enjoy going live on Facebook.  It doesn’t involve as much work as creating video content, as no editing is required.  And it doesn’t have to be quite as ‘polished’, as the live element makes it much more real and authentic.  I’ve been thinking I’m not producing anywhere near as much live content on my Facebook page as I’d like to, and this would give me a real push to get more on there.


The content will cover all sorts of different things.  I would love to say I’ll be live every day at the same time, but I know I’ll struggle to stick to that.  So, I’m going to just do it at the times I’m free to!  That might mean it’s first thing in the morning, during the day, or even when I’m in my pyjamas at night!!  And my kids might feature in there too.  What is it they say about not working with kids?!!

Live video gets a lot higher reach than other content on your Facebook page, and it’s definitely worth doing.  If you’ve not gone live on Facebook yet, or want to increase your live confidence, why don’t you join me in doing Livemas?