In December, I decided to go live on Facebook *nearly* every day!  I soon realised that every day wasn’t going to happen.  But I did manage 12 live broadcasts on my Facebook page during December.  So, what did I learn while doing, what I termed, LIVEMAS?

What I Learnt About Going Live

  1. Going Live Takes As Long As Going Live

What I mean by that is that you are creating video content in as long as it takes to go live with that video.  There is no editing, no uploading.  The video remains on your Facebook page for all to see, you can download it and share it elsewhere.  A 5 minute video literally takes 5 minutes.  One thing that often holds me back from creating video content is time, so this for me is a big bonus.  The days I didn’t go live, it was predominantly due to forgetting rather than a time issue!

2. Your Confidence Increases

Going live can be pretty scary!  What if you mess up?  What if your phone rings?  What if the dog barks?!  All three of these have happened during my live broadcasts.  And you realise, it doesn’t really matter!!!!  The beauty of live is the authenticity that live brings.  It’s real and unedited.  It’s highly unlikely to be perfect.

3. Planning Is Key

It’s worthwhile making a few notes on the points you want to cover in your live session.  I didn’t do this a couple of times, and found myself going off point and ending the live broadcast thinking of things I should have said.  Just jot down a few things that you can stick in eyesight, so that you stay on track and don’t miss anything out

4. People Like Personal

For the majority of my live broadcasts, I shared social media tips.  But for a couple, I made them more personal.  One featured my 3 year old and 1 year old daughters.  Another was taken on a Friday night, when I was straight out of the shower, in my pyjamas, enjoying a glass of prosecco, wishing everyone a happy Friday night!  So, which live broadcasts generated the most views?  Yep, those two videos!  The ones that were far more personal and real.  It’s taught me a lot about being more ‘me’ and not always keeping things business-focused.  Authenticity really does help to build relationships.

5. I’m Going to Go Live More

Doing so many live broadcasts within a month has really spurred me on to go live more.  Both on my Facebook page and on Periscope too.  It’s really easy and quick to do, and the reach is much higher than any other type of content.  It helps me to build relationships with my audience, build my own profile and create simple video content too.

So, no excuses, it’s time for you to embrace LIVE!  You can watch my LIVEMAS videos over on my Facebook page.