I’m very embarrassed to say that the last time my writing graced these pages of my blog was nearly two months ago.  SHOCKING!!  I always recommend blogging once a week.  And I used to stick to this no problem.  There’d be the odd week I’d miss.  But for the most part, you could expect a new blog post here every week.

This year, I lost my blogging mojo.  I have a personal blog too, and I’ve not blogged there either.  Two months is without a doubt the longest period I’ve ever gone without writing a blog post.  And I’m pretty sure the main reason that I’ve not blogged is because I’m writing my book (it’s so nearly finished!).  It’s very hard to write a book and think of blog posts too, or to get the motivation to blog when office days are mainly spent writing alllllll day!

The book WILL be done this week (determination there!), so I thought I was time to find my blogging mojo again.  Which made me think about what has changed in my business in the two months I didn’t blog.  Let me tell you, it’s definitely given me a kick up the bum to start writing n here again…

What Happened To My Business When I Stopped Blogging

  1. Site Traffic Is Down

I’m not getting anyway near as many visitors to my site as I was last year.  Blogging is such a great way of driving people to your site from social media.  It also helps your SEO (search engine optimisation), so that more people find your site through search engines.

2. Site Enquiries Are Down

And as a result, fewer people have contacted me via my website in the last couple of months.  Blogging is a great way of introducing people to you and what you do.  I can see on my analytics the path that people take from reading my blog to then getting in touch with me.  Far fewer people have done this, as such I’ve had much less enquiries via my website.

3. Social Media Shares Have Declined

My retweet and share figures have reduced too.  My blog posts are one of my most shared and retweeted updates on social media.  So, without them, there’s less sharing going on.

4. I’ve Sent Less Emails

I was sending a weekly email out to my list, which would highlight the blog topic of the week and link people to it.  Without a blog to link people to, I’ve struggled for email content and have sent far fewer emails.  Not great for maintaining the relationship with my list.

5. I’ve Had Fewer Workshop Bookings

One route I have seen that is quite common on my site, is reading my blog posts and then heading over to the workshops page.  And a certain proportion of people will then make a booking on a workshop.  Without blog posts to read, the workshop bookings have gone down slightly.

6. Less Things To Share On Social Media

My blog posts form a large part of my weekly social media activity.  Without them, I’ve struggled a bit more for content, and have had to rely more on the content of others.

7. I’ve Cringed At Advising To Blog Weekly!

And the final impact is that I stand in front of those I train and speak to at events and advise them to blog every week.  Inside I’m cringing.  Because I’m not practicing what I preach.

So, I’m back in the blogging game now!  And I hope, if you don’t already blog, or don’t do it very often, then this has inspired you to realise just how important writing blog posts is.  I won’t make this mistake in my business again.