Content is so important on social media.  In fact, it has never been more important.  With the volume of use of social media ever increasing, users have more and more content to absorb.  As such, we are become master scrollers.  We can quickly scroll through content, stopping on posts that we think will be most relevant to us.

Plus, if your content isn’t hitting the spot with your audience, you are likely to see a decline in reach, with your content reaching fewer and fewer people.  Making it even more important to get it right.

So, what do you need to be thinking about when it comes to content?

The 7 Questions You Need To Ask About Your Content

  1. What Do Our Audience Want?

All too often as businesses, we focus our content on what we want to tell people.  If we instead focus on what they want from us, we will have far more success with our content.  If you don’t know what your audience wants, ask them!  Run a survey and email it to your current customers.  And use your social media insights to see what gets the highest reach and engagement.

2. How Can We Create Unique Imagery?

Imagery is such an important part of your social media content.  It helps your posts stand out, and draws the eye (stopping the scroll past!).  Your own images will always work better than stock imagery.  It’s worth getting a photography to spend a few hours in your business, getting as many relevant shots as possible for you to use on social media.

3. What Video Content Can We Create?

It takes a lot longer to create video content than simply creating a written post.  But it is very much worth it.  You’ll get higher reach, and a lot of users will prefer to watch video content instead of reading an article.  If you haven’t got any specialist recording equipment, simply invest in a tripod to mount your phone.  If you use your phone landscape, no one will know it is a phone production!

4. What Could We Go Live With?

Live video content will get an even greater reach!  Viewers love live content and, on both Facebook and Twitter, it remains on your feed as a video.  Live can be scary.  Which is why most businesses won’t do it.  Which is why you should!

5. Are We Posting Often Enough?

Ducking in and out of social media won’t get you much success.  Instead, you should post regularly and preferably daily (and multiple times a day when it comes to Twitter.)

6. Are We Encouraging Engagement?

Engagement is so important for building relationships with your audience, and also increasing the reach of your content.  Some forms of content don’t encourage any engagement, such as statements.  Ask more questions, post more videos (a watch counts as engagement), and ask them to comment.  Then respond to those who comment!

7. Are We Selling Too Much?

It’s tempting to focus on selling our products on social media.  But users aren’t there to be sold to.  You are more likely to increase sales via social media if you sell less!  Try to aim for an 80/20 split.  80% of your posts should be relevant, valuable and entertaining content for your audience, while the other 20% can focus on the products and services that you sell.

Content isn’t the easiest to get right.  But when you do, that’s when your social media success really does soar.

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