I’m writing this on Election Day here in the UK.  And, as such, there are a lot of arguments taking place via social media.  Social media is forming a huge part of election campaigning, and part of that is the view points of voters.  It made me think of something I’m often asked – should you share your opinion on social media?

Should You Share Your Opinion On Social Media?-2

  1. Align with your personality

I do think the most important thing to remember is your personality.  I don’t like conflict.  I never have.  I avoid arguments.  For all I’m not ‘scared’ to share my opinion, I will only do it in a way that is going to avoid conflict.  If you are happy to open up debates, then you don’t need to suppress that side of you.

2. There’s no money in the middle

I’ve heard this saying a few times.  That if we try and please everyone, we don’t stand out and will blend in to the background.  Would Jeremy Clarkson be as well known a TV and media personality if his views weren’t so hated by some and loved by others?  I’m always advising businesses to find ways to stand out, and sometimes opinion can help us do that.

3. But your reputation matters too

On the flip side of this, your reputation does matter.  And it can very quickly be damaged irreparably by social media.  Always align your social media activity with your business values and culture.  If you don’t want to be seen as a sweary angry business, then don’t be sweary and angry on social media!

4. Voice opinions without judgement

I think the most important way to get your opinion across on social media is without judgement or discrimination.  I’ve seen numerous posts on social media in the last week that insult anyone who chooses to vote for a different party than that person.  Of course, this leads to outrage and online arguments, and puts that user in a very negative light.  Word your opinion pieces so they lack judgement or discrimination against those who don’t share the same views.

5. Don’t be negative

Being negative on social media attracts more negativity.  The more positive we can be, the less negativity we attract.  Aim to put your opinion across in a positive light rather than negative.  Focus on the positives on your opinion rather than the negatives of the alternative view.

Don’t be scared about sharing your opinion.  Just be sure to do it in a way that will not be damaging to your business.