Last year, I made the decision to go live on my Facebook page every day in December in the lead up to Christmas Day.  I didn’t manage it!  But in total, I went live 12 times during December, which was more than I’d done the whole year!

So, I’m giving it a go again this year to see if I can beat my 12 days record!

I’ve just done my first LiveMas video.  You can watch it here.  In it, I talk about what LiveMas is all about and how you can get involved by requesting certain content.

And I’d love it if you tag me in any live videos you are inspired to do as a result.  Yes, it is a bit scary going live.  But the big advantage is that that means very few businesses do it.  It offers a great opportunity to stand out.

Time to take action and hit that live button!

Head here to watch LiveMas day one, and don’t forgot to like my Facebook page too so you can watch the rest of the LiveMas streams!