If you write a blog for your business, I’m sure you’ve been in the position at least once when you realise you’ve not blogged in ages, and you need to get something out there, but can’t for the life of you think what to write about!!

I definitely suffer from it myself, so thought I’d share with you how I find my inspiration!

  1. Brainstorm

It’s far easier to come up with several ideas at once, than one at a time.  So, I recommend grabbing yourself a large piece of paper and a pen and writing down as many ideas you can think of.  Go in to free flow and write anything you think of.  You might scrap half your ideas, but you’ll be left with a good few you can use.  Start by thinking of a topic area in relation to your business, and the tips you’d share around that topic area, and go from there!


2. Read Blogs

Without a doubt, reading blogs gives me inspiration for my own.  I read a lot of social media blogs (so I can keep up to date, and find good content to share on social media too!).  And they always spark ideas for my own blog posts.  Usually, it’s one point mentioned within a blog that gets me thinking about a blog post.


3. What Do Your Customers Ask?

I also like to think of questions I’ve had that week from my clients or audience at speaking engagements.  If they are asking the questions, then chances are your other customers/clients are want to know the answer too.  So, answer it in a blog post.


4. What Do You Enjoy Writing About Most?

When I lose inspiration, I think of the topics I love writing about.  Even if I’ve written about them before, I write about them again with a different slant.  Usually, my loss of inspiration is a result of not really feeling like writing.  But, once I start talking about my favourite topics, I get empowered to start writing again!


5. What’s Happening In The World Right Now?

Is there something in the news that you could talk about in relation to your business?  Or is there a seasonal event coming up, such as Valentines, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas that you could tie in to a post?  Or is there an International Day of ‘Something’ that you could turn in to a blog post?


If you have a relatively rigid blogging schedule (for example, every week) and feel the pressure to stick to it.  Then don’t!!  Sometimes, it’s better to miss a week than to put a post out for the sake of it with content that just doesn’t hit the mark!

But if it’s just a lack of inspiration stopping you blogging, then definitely give some of the tips above a go!!