If you’re feeling a bit stuck with what to post right now on social media, then the answer to that is to think about how you can help people.  This situation has brought up a lot of new needs.  By helping your audience meet those needs, you will raise your profile, build a relationship with them, and have a higher chance of converting them to customers either right now or when this is all over.

So, what kind of content could help people right now?


  1. Managing anxiety
  2. Overcoming insomnia
  3. Stopping intrusive thoughts
  4. Managing boredom
  5. Managing depression during the crisis  


  1. Improving your running ability
  2. Maximising walking for fitness
  3. Home strength workouts
  4. Home cardio workouts
  5. Using items around the home to workout with


  1. Overcoming sugar temptation
  2. Creating nutritious food on a budget
  3. Foods to eat to boost your immune system


  1. Spring cleaning tips
  2. Sprucing up your garden
  3. Creating a calm home
  4. DIY projects


  1. Cutting your own fringe
  2. DIY men’s hair cut
  3. Techniques for painting your own nails
  4. Salon treatments in the home
  5. Treating yourself to a home facial


  1. Maintaining attention when homeschooling
  2. Fun activities to do at home
  3. Managing children’s anxiety around illness
  4. Keeping children away from screens
  5. Activities to make your daily walk more fun with children


  1. How to market your business during the crisis
  2. How to market your business when you have been forced to close (e.g. hairdressers, restaurants, pubs, etc.)
  3. How to stand out right now with your marketing
  4. How to get your messaging right
  5. How to create compelling offers that will work right now


  1. How to furlough your employees
  2. Managing virtual teams
  3. Maintaining productivity during the crisis
  4. Managing business finances


  1. How to cook restaurant standard food at home
  2. Creating a meal from a few ingredients
  3. Making your food go further
  4. New cooking techniques to learn


  1. Book recommendations
  2. Boxset recommendations
  3. New skills to learn
  4. Uplifting songs playlist
  5. Arts and crafts for adults


  1. How to apply for a mortgage holiday
  2. How to reduce your outgoings
  3. Free activities and entertainment
  4. Managing debt
  5. Overcoming financial anxiety


This isn’t an exhaustive list.  In fact, it only just scratches the surface. But could certainly help trigger your thinking as to the type of posts you could be creating right now.

Don’t just think about how you could use these ideas in text format.  Consider creating images, image carousels or presentations, infographics or videos.

And, most importantly, stay safe and stay home!

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