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You’ve just started your new business.  Congratulations!!  I’m sure you’ve already realised that you should be using social media in your marketing mix.  But how do you get started and what are the right steps to take to lead you towards success?


  1. Work out what you want to achieve

Rather than just jumping straight in, take a bit of time to work out what success on social media looks like for your business.  If you’re looking to generate sales directly through social media, how many will you be aiming for in the coming year?  And then break that down by how much you expect each quarter.  If it’s web traffic, how much traffic are you expecting?  Get specific on what you wish to achieve and the date by which you wish to achieve it.  This will help keep you focused on the actions you need to take on social media.  It will also allow you to measure the success of your activity.


  1. Define your audience

Who is it you want to attract as your social media audience?  Get clear on as many features of your audience as you possibly can.  The more specific you can get, the more this will help you generate the right content.  And remember, if you target other businesses, your audience will be someone within the business, not the business itself.

You need to consider all demographics, plus behavioural features such as what challenges them, what knowledge they are seeking, what entertains them, what value can you provide for them.


  1. Pick the right platform(s)

Once you’ve highlighted who your audience is, it’s time to work out where that audience is.  You don’t need to be on every social media platform.  In fact, it’s probably best to not spread yourself thinly across them all.  Focus your efforts on the one(s) that will get you the best response from the audience you are looking for.  Research the demographics of each platform.  If you are B2B, LinkedIn is likely to be a must.  But consider other platforms too.  For example, Instagram is a popular place for professionals to build relationships in a more relaxed way than may be typical on LinkedIn.  If you’re B2C, you’re probably going to look more at Facebook and Instagram.  Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube may also want to be part of your marketing mix, depending on your audience and your message.


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