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One of the biggest push-backs I get from businesses when it comes to social media, is that they don’t have TIME to do it. I get that. Us business owners are busy!!

But I do think it’s possible to achieve social media success in just 20 minutes a day, if you focus your efforts on the right actions.

And those actions are:

1. Create

You need to be creating content to maintain visibility with your audience, to show you know what you know and to sell to them too!

2. Engage

Engagement is really important for building relationships. Commenting on others’ posts will allow them to get to know you and will also draw them to your content.

3. Sell

If we don’t ever try to sell and tell people how they can buy from us, we’re limiting the potential we have to convert our followers to customers.

So, is it possible to fit these three actions in to our daily activity. The answer is YES!!

If you want to find out how, come along to my next webinar on Thursday 25th June at 11am GMT, where I’ll be sharing an example schedule of how to grow your business on social media in just 20 minutes a day!