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Sometimes our content doesn’t have anywhere the impact we thought it would. We’ve spent time coming up with this amazing piece of content that we think our audience will absolutely love, we hit that publish button and….tumbleweed….! No one likes, comments or engages with it in any way.

Why does our content sometimes bomb?

1. Do You Usually Get Good Engagement?

Engagement breeds engagement. The more your posts are engaged with, the more likely people are to see your future posts on their feed. One great post won’t necessarily lead to more engagement. You need to keep creating great content that resonates with your audience and encourages them to engage. Engagement tends to be exponential. The more you get, the more you get, the more you get and so on! Keep at it and you will see more engagement going forward.

2. Did It Include A Call-To-Action?

Why are you expecting people to engage if you didn’t ask them to? Statements close down conversation, questions open it up. Ask questions or tell them what action you want them to take. Double-tap, comment below, tag a friend, watch this video, click the link, etc. What action do you actually want your audience to take?

3. Do You Engage With Others’ Content?

You get what you give, so if you don’t usually bother to engage on other people’s content, why should they engage on yours? Spend a bit of time every day taking interest and engaging with the content of others, and you’re more likely to see your own engagement increase.

4. Was It The Wrong Time Of Day?

If you’re posting content late at night, or in the wrong time zone for your audience, then they won’t see it. If it doesn’t get much engagement in the first hour or so, the platform you post on will show it to fewer people going forward. Make sure you take a look at your insights and analytics and understand what time of day your audience are more likely to be present on that platform.

5. It It Too Salesy?

It doesn’t matter how great your content is. If it has too much of a sales focus, it can become tricky for people to engage with. Of course, you do need to tell people what you sell. Just keep it to a minimum. I tend to advise the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your content adds value or entertainment, and 20% sells to them.

6. Does It Include A Link?

Most platforms dislike links as they drive traffic away from the platform. If you include too many of them, you will see your reach (and therefore your engagement) go lower and lower. Instead, think about adding links to the comments or your bio, or asking people to message you to get the link.

7. Are You Putting Yourself In Your Audience’s Shoes?

You are not your audience. Just because you think a piece of content is great, doesn’t mean that they will. Have you thought through what your audience might actually want to see from you? Have you checked your insights and analytics to see what usually gets the most engagement from them?

8. Was The Language Inspiring and Captivating Enough?

Even if the message is a good one, if you use too much stuffy, corporate language, it may put your audience off reading the full post. Make sure you speak your audience’s language and use phrases that they are familiar with.

9. Does The Formatting Make It Easy To Read?

If you have a long caption, written in continuous prose, chances are your audience will scroll on past. Make sure it’s split in to easy to read paragraphs, with bullet points where needed.

10. Sometimes It Happens….

Sometimes it just happens and you’ve either got to work hard to get it out there to more people or just let it go. Email your list with a link to the content, cross-promote across platforms, and send messages to people to let them know about the content. Otherwise, just accept it and move on.

Next time a piece of content bombs for you, ask yourself the above questions to help you get to the root of the problem. Then move forward from it making great content that resonates with your audience!

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