Well, hello there! Remember me?!

It’s been a while hasn’t it?! Apologies about that! This site has had several issues over the past few months, which have finally been ironed out, and so I can get back to doing some blogging and sharing some social media tips and business thoughts with you.

I’ve found this year my toughest in business so far, which I’m sure is the case for so many businesses. Much as I’d like to think I’m in a solid industry, and one that will only get busier over the coming months, it’s been difficult to manage that around my children in lockdown 1.0 and also in changing the way I deliver much of what I do.

Gone are the day-long training sessions delivered around the UK. Instead, I find myself at home ALL the time (sound familiar?!). Businesses certainly don’t want day-long online sessions, so I’ve really shifted up my business this year to focus on the following:


I’m so thankful I started Planet Social Media at the end of February, as it is all based online and so perfect for this new way in which we operate. While I’ve definitely seen a few members leave thanks to the impact of Covid, I’ve also seen many arrive, looking for somewhere to learn more about growing their business using social media. And a love seeing the changes members are making to their own social media and the positive result that has had on their businesses!


I now have a three month social media coaching programme, designed to move your business forward using social media. Over the three months, we have several sessions together, and you are given actions to take in your business to literally ‘skyrocket’ your success!


I’ve seen a huge influx in requests for an hour’s training. And it’s amazing what you can fit in to an hour! Power Hours are proving a popular method of deliver for many trainers, as an hour is a great length of time to hold attention. There’s also the option to extend this to further Power Hours if needed.


And finally, I now offer a free 15 minute online session to all businesses. With this, you come at me with one challenge on social media, and I’ll help you solve it! If you fancy one, just click here to book!

Ok, we’re all caught up! I’ll be back with some informative blog posts within the next week!!!!