If you hear crickets when you post content on social media, and wonder why everyone else seems to get comments or likes other than you, then it may be down to one (or all) of these three reasons!

1. You’re Not Creating The Right Content For Your Audience

If your content is mostly focused on what you want to tell people, rather than what they want to hear, chances are they’ll scroll straight past it! People want to either be entertained or gain value from your content. If you don’t deliver this, you’re not going to get them to engage!

2. You Don’t Ask Them To Engage

If you post statements, you audience may well read them. But there’s nothing for them to engage with. Instead end with a question, or ask them to like the post, or save it. If you tell them what you want them to do, they are far more likely to actually do it!

3. You Don’t Engage Yourself

If you don’t spend time engaging with other people’s content, why expect them to engage with yours? Spend at least 5 minutes every day engaging with content on the platforms you are active on. You will see far more engagement back on your own content as a result!

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