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Imagine you’re trying to get to know someone romantically. But you’re permanently surrounded by lots of other people who are chatting to you both at the same time. It’s going to make it much harder to build that relationship!

The same is true on social media. Of course, engaging with their posts and you engaging with theirs will help. But the magic will help when you speak to them one-on-one. On social media, you can do this via direct/private messages (or DMs).

But for what reasons might you send someone a direct message?

1. Say hello to new followers/connections

It’s always a great way to kick start your relationship by saying hello to them when they first follow or connect with you. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should start selling straight away. Instead, say hi, mention something from their profile or something that’s topical at the time. Or something they’ve talked about in a recent post. Show that you have an interest (and make sure it’s a genuine interest) in them. Asking questions in this opening message is a good idea too, as it opens up the conversation. They are far more likely to take an interest in your future posts if you kick start the relationship with them straight away.

2. Respond to their stories

On all platforms using stories (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) you can message the user direct from their story. This is a great reason to speak to them 1:1 as they have posted something you can respond to. You won’t be able to respond to every story. But rather than just passively watching them, think about whether the story offers you an opportunity to interact with that user.

3. Send them your lead capture

What do you mean you don’t have a lead capture?! Ok, that’s another post for another time! But if and when you do, you want to get as many people as possible to sign up to your lead capture and join your email list. Direct messages offer a great way to do this. If I’m running a free webinar, I’ll always spend time looking through my connections and followers I think might be interested in it, and I send it to them. You can also do this with reports and PDFs, if you’re running a competition, you have a free video, cheat sheet, etc. Be sure that you only send it people that you think will find it of interest rather than sending it to everyone you are connected to or who follow you.

4. Let them know about your offers

If you’re regularly interacting with your audience, sharing great content for them and chatting to them in direct messages, then you’re doing a disservice to your audience if you don’t also let them know when you are running an offer. Make sure you only message them if you think they will benefit from, want or need your product or service. And the best offers have a deadline! If you run offers every week, this method won’t work. Save this for when you have a stand out offer or launch.

5. Ask for a chat/meeting

You’ve been talking via DMs for a while. Is it time to take it face-to-face (or to an online call!)? If you sell via having face-to-face meetings with your clients, then you need to use your messages to set up more meetings. Explain that you’d love to hear more about X (which could be what they do, how they live their life, their investments, etc.) and to tell them more about how you could improve this for them. If you’ve already been interacting with them and have built a relationship, there’s a high chance they’ll say yes. If they say no, don’t take it personally. Keep going sending messages. A no simply means ‘not now’ or ‘it’s not for me’, not that you should never message anyone again.

Are you going to spend more time in your DMs?

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