There are so many apps out there aren’t there?! It can get a bit overwhelming to pick the ones that will help you rather than become another place to waste your time!

I do believe that app use is a very subjective thing. I’ve had app suggestions from other people that I’ve just not got on well with. But, nevertheless, I thought you might be interested to hear the 5 apps I use most to help with my social media activity.

1. Twimmage

Twimmage allows you to share a screenshot of your tweet to Instagram. You can change the background to fit with your brand colours or add fab designs, or simply keep it white, like I do. I’ve found the tweets I share to Instagram have great reach and lots of engagement. They are easy for others to share. And, when they are shared, they include your profile picture and name, so it’s not just your words that are being shared but also your face/brand and name!

2. VideoShop

When the pandemic hit last year, and I found myself having to work with a 1, 4 and 6 year old in tow, I had to adapt and use my phone more (parents of toddlers will understand why it’s almost impossible to use a laptop around them! That keyboard is way too inviting!). And so I learnt to edit videos on my phone using VideoShop, and have continued to do so since. VideoShop has many great free features, though I paid for the premium version for a year as I use it so much. It’s really simple to cut out sections, move them around, add transitions and music, do voiceovers and add GIFs to your videos.

3. Snapseed

Snapseed is great for editing your imagery. It has preset ‘looks’, as well as lots of features to make your images look more professional. You can add blur to bring something in your image in to focus, change the brightness, contrast and saturation, and remove elements of your image that you don’t want on it. There are lots of features and it’s worth having a play around with it.

4. Canva/Canva Stories

Canva pretty much appears on every list I’ve seen of useful apps for social media. But I use it every day, so it would be silly for me to not include it! Canva has templates set up that are the perfect size for your social media posts. You can easily create your own graphics, uploading your own images or using those available through Canva. You can add text to your image and animate it too. You can even create videos on Canva! I also love the Canva Stories app for creating Instagram Stories that fit with your brand, or for adding features like an iPhone frame. I love Canva so much, I have a pro account, but there is lots you can do on there for free!

5. Flick Hashtags

I’ve only recently started using Flick Hashtags (also known as if you use the desktop version). Already I’m finding my reach has increased on Instagram as a result. Flick gives you ideas for hashtags to use on Instagram. And it then tells you what competition there is for that hashtag. The idea being that the lower the competition, the more likely you are to be featured in the ‘Top’ feed for the hashtag. It’s a good idea to use a range of competitions, from low to high, and this easily gives you an indication of what the competition of your hashtags is so you can pull them in to a collection and copy them over to Instagram.

There are others I use now and again. But the above are definitely used the most!

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