I’ve recently started a Facebook group and, quite frankly, I wish I’d done it sooner!

So, here are 5 reasons I think you should do the same!

1. Facebook Page Reach Is Declining

The reality is, while Facebook has the highest volume of users of any social media platform, pages are struggling for reach. Facebook want to make the platform as interactive as possible rather than it being focused on broadcast. As such, group posts often get a better reach and you’re more likely to get your message seen. I wouldn’t replace your Facebook page with a group. But a group running alongside your group is a great idea!

2. Creates A Community

When creating your group, pick a theme that the group posts will focus on. This will lively align with the actions of your business. For example, my group is about growing your business using social media. This helps build a community of like-minded people. People who come together for a shared reason or purpose. And your business can be at the centre of this community, helping build those relationships.

3. More Interactive

Groups are much more interactive than other forms of social media, where you post and others comment. Groups allow others to share their own posts (under the guidance of rules you set for the group) and others to comment on those posts. The level of interactivity is far higher, which leads to closer relationships being formed.

4. Showcases Your Expertise

Groups are a great place for you to showcase your expertise, but be sure to do this in an interactive manner. Open up discussion by sharing tips and guidance, following this up with a question for discussion. It’s also a good idea to go live in your group and let your group members ahead of the live so they can join you and interact with you during the live.

5. Make Sales

And, of course, is there any point having a group unless it’s going to help you make sales? Groups are a great way to build your authority, which in itself may lead to sales. And, while it’s no good to be constantly promoting yourself in your group, it is your group that you have put effort in to building and shared your expertise in. You’re doing your group members a disservice if you don’t tell your members how they can buy from you!

And I would absolutely love it if you came to join us in my group! Expect lots of social media tips and discussions, as well as a weekly live sharing guidance with you! You can join the group by clicking here.