No matter what platform you are using, you have some form of profile. And this profile is the first place a new connection or follower gets to know more about you.

Have you given yours enough thought?

Here are 5 things to make sure your profiles have!

1. Clear profile picture

Having no profile picture is a definite no-no. The one you have should be clear, no distortion. Use tools like Canva to make sure the image you upload is the right size. For some platforms, such as LinkedIn personal profiles, you should use an image of you rather than your logo. We don’t need to see below your shoulders! Let people see your face clearly! If the profile is for your business, you may want to use your logo. It is worth considering that users would rather engage with people than a faceless business. And your face is far more memorable than your logo!

2. Explain what you do clearly

Don’t add any wishy-washy statements to your profile without clearly explaining what you do. For example, rather than adding intrigue with ‘making your dreams come true’, avoid confusion by adding in how you do this. “Making your dreams come true, with financial planning for an abundant future” makes it much more obvious how you can help your audience. Ask for others’ opinion by stating what you do and asking them if they understand. If possible, explain the outcomes your business creates for its customers. I might state, for example that I help organisations grow their business using social media.

3. And who you do it for

You can also state in your profile who you do this for. This is especially important if you have a niche, as it is the niche you will be looking to attract to you through your profile. If you don’t have a niche, who is the audience you are looking to attract to you on social media? State this in your profile. For example, I could add to mine “helping small owner-managed businesses grow using social media”.

4. Stand out factors / personality

What’s different about your business compared to other businesses that do the same thing as you? State this in your profile. This might be awards you’ve won, exceptional client results you’ve generated or the big difference between your product/service compared to others. If, like me, your profiles are based on you, you may want to add some personality in to your profile. Add emojis, share more about you or add a bit of humour to showcase your personality.

5. Call-to-action

Make sure you include a call-to-action in your profile, letting visitors to your profile know what action they should take next. You may want to direct them to a lead capture that is of benefit to them, such as a free download. This will then add them to your email list, giving you another means by which to market to them. Alternative call-to-actions might be an offer you’re currently running that you think they would want to know about, an invite to join your Facebook Group, a push for them to read your latest blog post or to preview examples of your work.


If you’d like more help getting your profiles right, come join me on Planet Social Media, where there is a full library of videos focused on helping you grow your business using social media. Find out more HERE!