You don’t need me to tell you how powerful video content is! And there are certainly plenty of opportunities for you to share video content on social media, from Reels to IGTV, YouTube to Stories.

But are you creating enough, if any, of it? Are you holding yourself back because you feel you don’t have any good ideas for video?

Here are 5 video ideas that might help!

1. Knowledge-Sharing

This is one that can be used in any type of business. Share your knowledge with your audience. People are always looking for new things to learn. If you are giving them knowledge that can improve their life in some way, they are likely to want to watch your video. This also helps to showcase you as the expert. These typically work best as a talking head video, which helps people get to know you too. If you’d rather not appear on video, you could use stock video with a VoiceOver, share a screen recording of slides with you talking over them or get creative in sharing your knowledge with things like post-its or banners!

2. Product/Software Tutorial

If your customers would benefit from seeing tutorials of how best to use your product, then it makes sense to create a series of tutorials for social media that you can direct your customers too. This will also showcase your product to non-customers. If you don’t have products or software to create tutorials on, you can still use this video type. I often create tutorials showing social media software, and tips and tricks in using it! A tutorial may also show people how to achieve a result. For example, a personal trainer might do a tutorial on how to perform a certain exercise. A stylist might show how to put certain looks together. I’m sure there is a tutorial that will work well for your business!

3. Behind-The-Scenes

We often put the front facing side of our business on social media. So, why not show people what goes on behind-the-scenes? You could film snippets of your day, one particular action you are taking or do a time lapse of something you are creating. This can work really well in vlog format (video blog) on YouTube when you put together your day or even your week in to one video.

4. Q&A

Get your audience to send you in questions then answer them on camera. You could add a few questions of your own to help build the right range of questions for your video. Or you could interview someone else for a Q&A. This could be a team member, an industry expert or possibly a customer. Who could bring real value to your video and also help to spread the message about that video?

5. Humour

Video has grown on social media mainly due to the sharing of humorous videos. We all like to be entertained rather than bored on social media, so adding humour to your videos can help increase their reach and shareability. You could create simple memes, using GIFs. Or come up with your own creative funny videos! How can you make fun of your industry? Brainstorm ways to add humour in to your industry and what would work well for your audience.


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