Your audience is the most important factor to your social media success. If you don’t have the right audience, it’s highly unlikely you’ll generate much business through social media. And the best way of building the right audience? Creating content that they love!!

So, how can we work out what our audience wants on social media?

1. Listen to them

Your audience are likely to already be putting out clear signals as to what they want to see on social media. But are you listening to them? Join Facebook groups with your target audience in and pay attention to the questions they ask. If an industry expert is running a Q&A and asking for questions, review the questions that are being asked. If they put on their stories that they are struggling with something you can help with, note it down (and respond!). And listen to the questions your current customers ask you. Chances are your potential customers will have the same questions.

2. Review your insights and analytics

Look at your historical content. What has worked well for you in the past and generated lots of engagement (and business)? what hasn’t worked so well? Look for any common themes for each of these. This should help identify the type of content you need to create more of and the content you either need to rethink or lose altogether. Make this a weekly and monthly habit, to form a long term idea of what your audience wants to see from you on social media.

3. Ask them

Sounds obvious! Yet, very few businesses ask their audience what they want from them on social media! You could ask your current customers or those on your email list via an online survey, using a free tool such as Survey Monkey. And you could ask your online audience by sharing the link to this survey or by simply asking them! Create a post focused on you wanting to create the best content possible for your audience, asking them to comment with the content they’d love to see from you. Or ask questions around what challenges they’d like to overcome. This should give you a clearer idea of what your audience would like to see.

4. Run a poll

On LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Stories and in Facebook Groups you can create polls. These are questions with multiple choice answers (the number allowed varies depending on the platform used). You could create a range of content options and ask which they’d prefer. Or you could do a this or that around a particular challenge to see what your audience is struggling with most. This is also great for engagement, which helps increase the reach of your content!

5. Speak to them in DMs

When you connect with someone or they follow you, send them a DM and get to know them. You don’t want to jump in with questions straight away. But once you get to know them, you could direct them to your survey or polls, or could ask them what content they’d like to see from you. This 1:1 interaction is far more valuable than the public conversations that take place on the platform!


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