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The volume of content being shared on social media is ever increasing.  Which means it’s even harder to get your content seen by your audience.  We need to make sure we’re taking steps to create great content that stops our audience scrolling and gets them paying attention AND engaging!

Here are 5 features that can make your content go from good to great!!!

1. It’s specific to the audience

It’s tempting to create content focused on what you want to tell people.  Instead, you need to focus on content they WANT to see.  This means knowing your audience and what appeals to them on social media.  Make sure your content ticks one of the three E’s for your audience: Emotional, Educational or Entertaining.  If it covers at least one of these, you should be on to a winner!

2. It’s easy to consume

If your written content is in continuous prose with no formatting in to paragraphs, lists, etc. or is a spoken video with poor audio and no subtitles, or a blurry image….it’s going to get scrolled past!  The easier your content is to consume, the more likely your audience is going to consume it.  Long captions can work well, so long as there is the need for the long caption (e.g. multiple learning points or a story that builds).  Otherwise short captions are quick and easy for the consumer.  The same goes for video.  Keep it as short as possible and it will encourage your audience to watch it.

3. It encourages response

The more engagement your content gets, the higher reach it will have.  It will also help you form relationships with your audience.  But if you post statements, you’re not encouraging response.  Or if your content is sales post after sales post, there’s not much there for them to engage with.  Make sure you ask your audience questions and share content that they can relate to, and they will be far more likely to respond to it!

4. It is recognisable as your brand

If I removed your business name from your post, would your audience still know it was you?  If you use stock images on repeat, no brand colours or visuals or don’t have a specific brand way of speaking, then it’s going to be hard to form brand recognition with your audience.  This could be as simple as sharing more pictures of you or your team, using brand colours in every image or speaking in your brands tone of voice.  Embrace your brands personality (or BRANDONALITY as I like to call it!) and put it out there!

5. It includes a call-to-action

If you want your audience to take an action, you need to tell them to!!  If you want them to save the post…TELL THEM!  Want them to click a link?  TELL THEM!  Want them to let them know their thoughts?  TELL THEM!!!!!  When you include a call to action, your audience are far more likely to take that action.  And don’t confuse them by adding multiple call-to-actions.  One is plenty!

Now go create some great content!!!

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