Going live can be daunting. I get it! You’re worried you’re going to mess up. Or you feel like you’ll be a rabbit in headlights! Or…you’re scared that no one will show up!

But, it is worth breaking through these fears and going live for these 5 reasons….

1. It Takes You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I’m a big believer that success happens outside of comfort zones. AND that we don’t know what we’re missing out on until we leave our cushty zone of comfort! If going live on social media is well outside of your comfort zone, it’s time to take the leap. Once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll realise it’s not that scary at all. No one is expecting perfect when you go live. And if it goes really wrong, you can end the live and delete it straight away and pretend it never happened!! So there really is very little to lose and a lot to gain! If you’ve never gone live before, set yourself the challenge to go live this week!

2. It Gets Good Reach

Live on most platforms gets good reach, as the algorithms love to see you using the different aspects of the platform. On many platforms, your audience are notified when you go live. Even if they don’t decide to join you, this will still put your name in front of them, but will also help to attract an audience to your live. And, if you live regularly, you’ll find this is likely to help the reach of your non-live posts on the platform.

3. It’s Authentic

There’s not much more authentic than being live in the moment is there?! People often prefer real to slick. It’s much easier for them to relate to you. Your audience don’t mind if you fluff what you’re saying or something goes wrong with the technology. Blame it on being live!! Live can definitely help build a stronger relationship with your audience as they see you for YOU! No faking, editing or glossing over.

4. Your Audience Can Participate

Another great thing about live broadcasts is that you can see what your live audience is saying in real time and respond to it during the live. This is great for Q&As and for getting a bit of audience feedback about what you are saying. It is also quite comforting to know your re not talking in to the abyss and that there are actual people there listening to what you are saying! I go live in my group every week, and love the interaction that comes through on the live, with the ability to answer questions on the subject I’m speaking about.

5. It’s A Quick Way To Create Video Content

Your live call can be saved as a video on your feed once you have finished, for your audience to watch after the live. This means you have created video content much more easily than if you record, edit and upload it! It is worth remembering that the only people to watch the first few seconds of your live will be the replay viewers, so start talking straight away rather than waiting for your live audience to appear. You can also say hello to the replay viewers at this point and ask them to give you a ‘high five’ or some other indication that they are watching the replay in the comments, which will help the reach of your live recording!

So, have I convinced you? Are you going to go live?!

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