Images are a huge part of your social media content. You want them to look good right?!

Here are 5 apps you can use to help improve or create your social media images!

1. Canva

Of course, Canva has to be on the list! Probably the most used and well-known app for creating and editing images, Canva allows you to add lots of different features to your images. This includes adding multiple images, adding text, removing backgrounds, adding stickers and graphics, and much more! Canva also has an extensive stock imagery library if you are stuck for an image. And Canva has templates for the perfect image size for each platform. If you’ve never used Canva, where have you been?!

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is a great free image editing app. Snapseed allows you to change brightness, saturation and contrast, add blur, sharpen your image, add different filters and looks and save your edits for future images. Snapseed is really easy to use and can make a big difference to the final result of your image!


VSCO is somewhat similar to Snapseed in the editing options available for your images, including exposure, clarity, contrast, sharpen, straighten, saturation, and shadow save. It also has 10 presets you can choose from for your image. The added bonus of VSCO is that you can shoot your image through the app, allowing you to change focus and exposure, switch between 3 flash modes, and enable gridlines to effectively balance your image.

4. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a popular app for purchasing presets through the app or from external sources. Once you have acquired a preset, you can upload this to Lightroom and it automatically adjust the settings to fit that preset. You can also manually adjust the settings within these presets. You can also edit multiple images to the same preset at once, saving time from editing individual images.


While the a premium Canva account will allow you to remove the background of images, if you’d rather do this for free you can use the site While this is not an app, you can access it through your mobile browser. Uploading an image of a person to removes the background from that image, leaving you with an image of the person that can then be added to an alternative background. This can be useful in turning images of yourself or team members in to a branded image, with brand colours or images.

There are thousands of other tools available, but these are some of the most popular out there! What other tools do you use to help you create images on social media?

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