One of the questions I get asked often is ‘how do I pass on good screen habits to my children?’.

The reality is, our children learn from our habits. If they see us with a phone in front of our face all the time, it becomes the norm for them.

The other downside of being glued to our phones is that we are not fully present with the people that matter to us. We can’t truly listen to our children, engage and play with them, and be present with them if we are scrolling on our phones at the same time.

Last year, I did an Instagram live with Conscious Parenting Coach Emily Hughes.

In the live, I discuss with Emily why phone boundaries are important as a parent and how we can role model good habits for our children. We also discuss steps we can take to improve the relationship we have with our devices.

You can watch the Instagram live by clicking on the image below:

A few tips that will help you be more and present and set boundaries with the digital world include:

1. Turn Off Notifications

Notifications are your phone shouting at your to pick it up! The less notifications you have coming through, the less you pick your phone up. I would recommend turning off as many notifications as you can to reduce the number of times you pick up your phone.

2. Phone-Free Zones At Home

Have areas of the house where phones aren’t allowed, such as at the dinner table. This rule for the whole household allows for moments of presence where there is no digital distractions disrupting the family time.

3. A Home For Your Phone

Leave your phone in one location rather than moving it round the house with you. If you leave it in this place all the time when at home, you will use it far less! You could even take this further by having a time-locked safe, where the safe does not open until the timer is up!

4. Alternative Activities

Sometimes we pick up our phone because we are bored. We need to reduce the boredom! Create a list of activities you could do instead of looking at your phone that you will find rewarding and fun. Refer to this every time you go to pick up your phone.

5. Role Model Digital Behaviours

Many parents moan that their teenagers are constantly on their phone, yet they are no better! Think about the behaviours you’d like to see in your teenager using their phone, and do the same yourself to role model a good relationship with your devices.

Make sure you go check out the work that Emily in helping parents who feel frustrated and overwhelmed by CLICKING HERE.