Accountant’s 3 Steps to Twitter Success

I’ve trained many accountancy businesses and the same issue seems to crop up:


Well, it’s not as difficult as you think.  In fact, get it right and you can win a steady stream of new business through Twitter!

So, how can an accountant win business through Twitter?  It all comes down to 3 easy steps!

In this guide you’ll discover:

How to stand out – Do what other accountancy businesses aren’t to make yours stand out on Twitter and attract your target market!

How to engage potential customers – Business does not come solely from posting updates!  By building conversation with your target market, you increase your Twitter success!

How to convert to customers – Take the next step in converting the people who follow you on Twitter in to paying customers!

Accountant's 3 Steps to Twitter Success

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Sam FlynnHi!  I’m Sam Flynn and I train businesses in using social media to achieve their business objectives!

My background in business psychology has given me a unique approach to social media!  I believe the more you use it to build effective business relationships with your customers and potential customers, the more business you will win!

I’ve trained many accountancy businesses and, in these 3 steps, I’m responding to the same issues that crop up for them each time!

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