Becoming a Speaker and Getting Gigs

Take your knowledge to the stage with the help of this online course!

Hello!!  I'm Sam Flynn and I've been speaking on the stage about social media for the last 9 years!!!

In that time, I've gone from speaking for free at small local business groups to being paid to speak worldwide!

Not only do I LOVE being on the stage, but it's also been the one thing that has had the most significant impact on my business.  Without a doubt it has lead to so many business opportunities that wouldn't have existed if I wasn't on the right stages.  And some wonderful life experiences too, like going to Lesotho, Africa, to speak at Prince Harry's Sentebale foundation!

And I thought you might want to have similar incredible experiences, which is why I created this course!

What does the course cover?

  • Why speak?
  • What are you going to speak about?
  • Building your confidence
  • Promoting yourself as a speaker
  • Speaking tips
  • Getting free gigs
  • Getting paid gigs
  • Selling from the stage

Who is the Becoming A Speaker and Getting Gigs course for?

This course is for you if:

  • You have never spoken on the stage but would absolutely love to!
  • You have spoken on the stage a few times but don't get anywhere near as many gigs as you'd like
  • You lack confidence in public speaking but can see how it could make a profound difference to your business
  • You want speaking to become part of the income your business generates
  • You have amazing knowledge in a specific area, but can't figure out how best to share it
  • You want to hone your speaking skills and pick up new ideas


Are you ready to become a renowned speaker, have fun on the stage AND get paid for doing it?

Buy the Becoming A Speaker and Getting Gigs online course now for only £20+vat!!!

Usual price £30+vat.  Offer ends Friday 20th September.


Satisfaction Guarantee

If you feel the course wasn’t for you, or you didn’t learn enough to help you get on the stage, then I’m happy to refund you the full amount!