Digital Wellbeing Courses

Courses designed to help individuals and organisations improve their relationship with the digital world.

Creating A Positive Digital Culture – Half Day Course

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The digital world has made many things easier and more accessible for businesses and their employees.  But there is a downside to this.  In this ‘always on’ world, a negative digital culture can lead to higher levels of stress and burnout and lower productivity.  It is essential that leaders work to create a positive digital culture, that improves productivity within the workplace and considers employee wellbeing.

This half day course can be delivered online or face-to-face and includes:

Understanding what digital culture is, and what a negative and positive digital culture looks like.

How to effectively manage the barrage of interruptions caused by the digital world, to increase productivity.

Maintaining work-life balance in a digital world and helping employees avoid digital burnout.

Understanding how to improve digital wellbeing to increase productivity.

Maintaining communications whilst avoiding interruptions.

Understanding digital presenteeism, the impact and how to avoid it.

Being digitally inclusive.

Digital culture change and how to manage it effectively.

This course is ideal for business leaders, business culture and wellbeing leaders, and HR teams.

The course is also available as an instant access online course, including both video modules and written booklets for each module. Find out more about the online course HERE.

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Improving Your Own Digital Wellbeing – Half Day Course


Too much time spent plugged in digitally can lead to poor sleep, lowered mental health, reduced ability to focus and pay attention and a lack of time to do activities that bring joy and wellbeing to your life.

This can have a profound impact on overall wellbeing, as well as workplace productivity.

This half day course has an action-taking focus to encourage team members to understand how the digital world, such as personal smartphones, can impact our wellbeing, and how to reduce their use. With the average UK smartphone user spending over 4 hours a day on their phone (after a day of staring at a screen), this course can make a huge difference to the wellbeing and productivity of your team members.

The course can be delivered online or face-to-face and includes:

Understand the impact that your smartphone use is having on your wellbeing.

How reducing your screentime can also help improve your workplace productivity.

The impact smartphone use has on mental health.

Practical steps to reduce your smartphone and screen use and improve your wellbeing.

How to keep up the habit in the long term.

This course isn’t about throwing all screens away! It is about creating a positive relationship with the digital world and learning how to manage our use to improve our wellbeing.

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