Digital Wellbeing

Helping organisations, organisations and parents create a positive relationship with the digital world!

Digital Wellbeing Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Digital wellbeing involves managing your relationship with the digital world to reduce its negative impacts.

I deliver training in organisations to help reduce the negative impacts of the digital world, to improve employee wellbeing and help them improve their focus and productivity in the workplace by creating a positive digital culture.

This can have a massive impact on organisational output.

I work with organisations to create a positive digital culture, where employees are given adequate switch off time and their wellbeing is considered when implementing digital solutions.

I help organisations understand the digital demands they are placing on their employees and how this might impact output.

Use of smartphones and social media has been shown to negatively impact sleep, focus and attention, mental health and creativity, all factors that can heavily influence output.

I help individuals become more aware of their use and the impact it might be having, as well as giving them actionable steps to take to reduce their digital usage.

I also help parents manage their child’s smartphone use. The Be Phone Smart online course helps parents manage their child’s smartphone use, with a section designed to educate the child too.


Digital Wellbeing Services

Digital Wellbeing Courses

Courses include creating a positive digital culture in your organisation to improve both wellbeing and productivity, and helping team members improve their personal digital wellbeing. These can be delivered online or in-person. Click here to find out more.

Digital Wellbeing Speaker

I speak at events about digital wellbeing, our relationship with the digital world and reducing smartphone use.  Click here to find out more about keynotes delivered and booking me for your event.

Reduce Your Phone Use Short Course

I have a short course designed for individuals to help reduce their phone use.  This includes both a video and ebook, with education on how smartphone use can have a negative impact and how to reduce smartphone use.  You can click here to find out more about the course.

Be Phone Smart - For Parents and Children

The Be Phone Smart online course will help you understand how to manage your child’s smartphone use without conflict. It also includes a section for the child to gain understading about smartphone use. You can click here to find out more about the course.